Hi, my name is Stephanie Hill-Manuel. I live in Western Massachusetts with my husband, daughter, 2 spunky cats and an Australian Shepherd puppy. In my free time I can be found curled up with the cats reading my kindle or hiking the local trails with my family.

During college I started my professional career in finance at a local nonprofit Museum where I wore many hats, including human resources. After a few fantastic years I moved on to the big corporate world at some Fortune 500 companies working in finance and then project management. 

I decided after over a decade of experience to bring all those important skills to small businesses and help them grow and thrive efficiently and sustainably. I have a real passion for working with CEOs to bring their dreams to fruition and love to see where their hard work and imagination leads.

My Kolbe is 8-8-1-3 which means I am excellent in situations that require strategic organization of information. I set priorities and put them into appropriate sequences.

My DISC type is Questioner (CD), which means I focus on execution and efficiency and prefer decisiveness and direct communication.  

My Enneagram type is 6: The Loyalist which means I am engaging, hard-working, and responsible.

My Myers, & Briggs is ISTJ, which means I am reserved, orderly, and practical while being self-sufficient and hardworking to meet obligations.

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